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Wish List #3 | My 30th Birthday

My Birthday Wishlist

OMG I’m going to be 30 in 28 days (31st December) how did it come around so quickly? I’m beginning to feel quite anxious but excited at the same time, to calm my niggly nerves I’ve been busy creating my birthday wish list and as the name suggests there are some rather pricey items on this list but isn’t that the point of them? I’m secretly hoping that my lovely husband will read this post and get a few cheeky ideas! (more…)

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Wish List #2 | Make-Up Storage

GlitZeeGlam | Make-Up Storage Wishlist

I better start with a confession, I am quite a perfectionist and my friends and family would quite openly tell you that I have major OCD traits and I need things to be in strict order. My current dressing table doubles up as my chest of draws and it isn’t idea (more…)

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Wish List #1 | My Birthday – 31st December

Wish List #1 | My Birthday – 31st DecemberIt’s coming up to that time of year again where sadly I’m going to become a year older (#sadtimes) and people begin to ask the dreaded question ‘so what would you like for your birthday?’ I usually have a mental wish list which I reel off but this time I thought I’d create a visual list that I could share with you all.


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