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What’s In My Handbag | Sneak Peek

What's In My Bag

I love reading What’s in My Bag posts & also enjoy watching them on YouTube. Maybe it’s because I’m nosey and love seeing what people carry around with them. It is also a great way of discovering new products which people can’t live without, their Holy Grail and life saving essentials.

I thought it was only fair that I added one of my favourite posts on my very own blog. So here goes…be ready for a photo heavy post…

What's In My Bag

The bag is from Ted Baker, I tend to use it when I’m not lugging my entire possessions it is perfect to carry all my essentials. This bag was a real bargain, I had my eye on it for a while but couldn’t justify the £229 price tag. But when I went to Cheshire Oaks at stupid o’clock (7am) on Boxing Day this beauty went down to £60, it would have been rude not to buy it! The bag may look small but it’s super spacious and that’s what I like about it. So here’s what I tend to lug around with me;

Purse – I definitely don’t leave the house without this, it holds my cards, money, ID, gift cards, customer loyalty cards  and bits of junk which I should clear out but always think ‘I may need this’ but never do. I got this purse from Accessorize about 10 years ago I really could do with a new one as it’s falling apart and the clasps tends to open but I love it too much to part with it.

Accessorize Purse Accessorize Purse Open

iPhone 4 – I never leave the house without  this, it goes everywhere with me. If you’re anything like me obsessed with Instagram and an avid whatsapper then you know how important this piece of tech is.  The phone case is from Guess which I love as it protects my phone and if I don’t want to take a bag out with me I can slip some notes or my bank card into the little pouch.

iPhone 4 & Guess Case

iPad Mini – I often regret buying the mini but when I think about how practical it is to carry around in my bag it makes me realise it was a good choice. I like to carry this around with me as it makes it easier to browse the web or write-up posts whilst I’m on the go.

iPad Mini

Umbrella – The North West is often a rainy place so leaving the house without an Umbrella can be disastrous. There have been days when I’ve looked at the weather and think ‘I don’t need it’ and then have major regrets. It even comes with me in the summer, I obviously don’t have faith in the UK weather.

Totes Umbrella

Bits & Bobs – I’m not the type of girl to lug around an entire make up bag, but I always have my Kleenex Balsam Balm, The Body Shop Lip Stick and a Soap & Glory Eye Liner. I always carry chewing gum as there’s nothing worse than having bad breath especially when coming into contact with the amount people that I do. I also carry a compact mirror as I hate eyeliner build up so for me a mirror is a must, vein some may think but for me it’s an essential. I purchased this mirror many moons ago from Monsoon I’m sure they still do them.

Bits & Bobs

Keys – I don’t think I’d get very far if I didn’t carry these around with me!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, I thought I would try something a little different from my usual product reviews.


Let me know in the comments section what you can’t leave the house without.


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    • Zee
      17/02/2014 at 9:24 am (5 years ago)

      Aww thank you hun x x


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