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Travalo | Review

Travalo | Packaging

For those of you who lug around a full size perfume bottle or travel often this is a nifty pocket sized atomizer spray bottle which you can refill in seconds using the repeat action pump. No need for funnels which means no spills or wastage of perfume!

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I first heard about this handy capsule from a YouTuber and thought ‘I have to have one.’  If I see a product that’s going to make my life easier or my handbag lighter than for me it’s worth a try. I was getting quite fed up of carrying a perfume bottle in my handbag and waiting for the dreaded day when the bottle may end up smashing and ruining my entire bag contents. So this product is a no brainer for me!

I purchased mine for £12.49 which is quite expensive for something so tiny but believe me it’s a great investment. Unfortunately they didn’t have a great selection of colours when I bought mine so I ended up buying a boring black one.

If you’re a frequent traveller this is a genius product which is aeroplane friendly and complies with the stringent rules and regulations regarding flying with liquids. You can pack in 65 sprays into the 8.6cm tall bottle depending on how much you like to spritz.

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How to use
1. Use a flat surface
2. Simply remove the nozzle (connected to your perfume bottle) and insert the base of your Travalo onto the perfume bottle
3. Push down until the Travelo clicks into place and then pump up and down until it fills up. You will be able to see through the Travalo window how much perfume is filling up.

I can’t recommend this gadget enough my only advice would be to get a bright coloured one which will stand out and is easy to see. You can now buy the biggest bottle of perfume or the best value for money and not be afraid that you can’t take it around with you on holiday or in your handbag. It is small enough to fit into the slimmest clutch bag.

It also makes a great gift and I’m sure the person receiving it won’t stop thanking you. The atomizer is suitable for both men and women.  You can purchase yours in a variety of colours from your local stockist or online.

Have you tried the Travalo? What are your thoughts?


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1 Comment on Travalo | Review

  1. Hannah Rosalie
    27/04/2014 at 9:26 pm (5 years ago)

    I have seen these in airports and train stations before but I have always been hesitant!
    However it makes so much sense to use this rather than lug around a full sized bottle!

    Hannah Rosalie


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