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Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers | Review

Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers | Review

I’m finally going to review another raffle prize I won at the North West Bloggers event last March.

I’ve never really paid any attention to hair rollers in the past and have been perfectly happy with straighteners to curl my hair. So when I won these in a raffle I did think ‘hmmm not sure I’m going to use these.’

At long last I managed to take some time out and give these a trial run, I have to put it out there and say I’m pretty rubbish with experimenting with my hair and have worn the same style for donkey’s years!

photo 1 [640x480]

Bearing in mind I’ve never used rollers before I did find them increasingly difficult to get the hang of wrapping my hair around the rollers and to line up in some kind of decent order to get the best results, but I persevered.

The set includes 20 rollers in three different sized rollers, 6 small (20mm), 6 medium (26mm) and 8 large (32mm). I used the large rollers on the top layers of my hair, the medium in the middle and the small ones at the bottom close to my nape. Initially I didn’t think these rollers would be enough as I have quite long and thick hair but I used them all and they were just about enough. It also includes 10 super clips and 20 metal pints to hold the curls in place.

photo 2 [640x480]

These rollers are almost like a plug and play device they heat up pretty quickly and have two heat settings depending on your hair type. I used the maximum temperature to ensure tighter curls and left them in my hair for approximately 15-20minutes until all rollers were cool. One of the rollers comes with a heat sensor that goes from a red dot to a white dot to show the rollers have reached their optimum temperature and are ready to use.

I found that it is easier to take off the underneath sections first to prevent the hair knotting up and then work my way up towards the top.  I then used my fingers to break through the curls to see the degree of curl this also makes the hair a lot thicker and more voluminous.

photo 3 [640x480]

I absolutely love these rollers I am completely converted and will definitely be ditching my straighteners once I start practicing a bit more and getting the look perfect. Curling long hair can be quite a chore but these make it so much easier and a lot quicker.

I think the only downfall with this product is that they are not very travel friendly, especially if you are travelling abroad but apart from that I’m so glad I won these. I would most definitely recommend this to any of you who are looking to invest in a set of heated rollers. If you are interested in purchasing these I think they retail for approximately £30 which is a real bargain.

I used the Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers on my lovely friend Leanne to make it easier for me to take photos of the process. Just thought I would make this clear incase you’re thinking ‘that isn’t your hair zee.’

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this review and found it helpful. If you’ve used heated roller before let me know in the comments section below.



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    • Zee
      28/04/2014 at 9:14 am (5 years ago)

      Aww thank you hun, my friend loved them too. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have had the chance to review them so thank you I absolutely love them x x


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