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Chicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste Test

Chicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste Test

It’s no secret that I love good food, I tend to cook the majority of our meals from scratch and try and get super organised on Sunday’s with a menu and making sure I have all the ingredients. However, due to leading a hectic and busy life I do have cheat days where I’ll take a look in the freezer and make something quick and easy.

Pizza is one of those foods that instantly makes you feel better and can be paired with a great salad (or chips on an unhealthy day) so when the guys at Brazen got in touch with me asking if they could send me some Chicago Town Pizza vouchers my obvious answer was ‘hell yeh.’ I should add at this point that these vouchers were sent to me back in July and this post is embarrassingly late due to life taking over but now it’s up for you all to enjoy, sorry Brazen PR!

The Takeaway Pizza range includes four different flavours, two of them the Chicken and Bacon Melt and Sloppy Joe come with a classic crust and the Four Cheese Melt and Pepperoni Plus come with a stuffed crust. Being Muslim and only eating halal meat the only one I could try was the Four Cheese Melt so this is what this review is based on.

Chicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste TestChicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste Test

I’ve had Chicago Town pizzas before more so when I was a student and opted for easy accessible food and they tasted pretty good then so I had high hopes for the Takeaway Pizza. The Four Cheese Melt retails for £3 in my local supermarket which is pretty good value for the size of this pizza.

Once you take the frozen pizza out of the box and remove the cellophane packaging around it you’ll notice it comes on a cooking dish which is a great addition and means less washing up (bonus). I pre-heated my oven for a couple of minutes before popping it and watching it cook. It took approximately 25 minutes to cook which is a lot longer than the guide of 13 minutes on the box. Be prepared to see this pizza rise before your very eyes, this is part of it’s uniqueness.

Chicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste TestChicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste TestChicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste TestChicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste Test

I should have mentioned that I like to add a few peppers on my pizza just to add a little more flavour. Once it was cooked the taste testing began, this pizza tasted less artificial compared to previous frozen pizzas there was more of a fresh zingy tomato flavour which I really liked. The tomato stuff crust was really yummy especially dipped into garlic sauce. I could have easily demolished this pizza on my lonesome but I had to be a good wife and share it with my better half.

We thoroughly enjoyed the taste test and I’m sure this won’t be the last time we get this pizza think we’ve become a bit addicted. This is a large sized pizza unlike the average ones so if you have a small freezer it may not fit into your draw/shelf. This was a hard review to write up due to my mouth watering excessively thinking about how yummy it was. I want to say a massive thank you to Brazen for the vouchers I’m just gutted it’s taken this long to buy the pizza.

Chicago Town Pizza | Four Cheese Melt Taste Test

If you’re a pizza lover I would definitely recommend you giving this a taste, I’m sure which ever flavour you go for your taste buds will be tantalised.


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