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Day Out | Old Holly Farm

GlitZeeGlam | Day Out | Old Holly FarmThe cold weather has definitely set in but the sun has been shining and I thought instead of being sat in front of the fire in my onesie drinking endless cups of tea at the weekend it was about time I made the most of the glorious sunshine and spent some quality time with my better half.I’ve never really been an outdoorsy person but since moving to the North West a lot of the most beautiful scenic places to visit are outdoors so I’ve had to adapt. On Saturday we decided to head to Old Holly Farm in Garstang (Lancashire) which is approximately an hour away from where we live. It was a beautiful sunny day but still pretty chilly so I wrapped up and wasn’t going to let the cold be an excuse to spend another weekend at home.

GlitZeeGlam | Day Out | Old Holly FarmGlitZeeGlam | Day Out | Old Holly FarmGlitZeeGlam | Day Out | Old Holly FarmGlitZeeGlam | Day Out | Old Holly FarmGlitZeeGlam | Day Out | Old Holly Farm

Holly Old Farm is family run organic dairy farm which provides visitors with the opportunity to use their senses to experience a real working farm. As soon as we stepped out of the car we were kindly greeted by the waft of ‘nature’ we were definitely on a farm! The farm wasn’t as big as we expected and there were only a handful of animals (sheep, hens, cows, donkeys, calves, pigs, rabbits, chicks and pigs) scattered around which was slightly disappointing but we made the most of what they had. They also had a few animals that you could pet (chicks and rabbits) and feed (calves) which were the best part of the trip.

There was also a Cafe which served homemade delights and alongside it was a cute farm shop where you could purchase local and speciality foods to take away as well as novelty items and yummy ice-cream. I think for a place which was free to enter and had free parking it was definitely worth a visit, days out can be super expensive especially if you have a family or on a budget.

GlitZeeGlam | Day Out | Old Holly Farm

If you live in Lancashire and want to do something slightly different with your weekends then head over to the Visit Lancashire website. If you don’t live in Lancashire I’m sure if you Googled ‘free things to do in (name of your town/city)’ you’ll be surprised to find attractions that you’ve either never heard of or ones you didn’t realise were free.

What did you get up to at the weekend?GlitZeeGlam

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