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Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray | Review

Makeup Revolution Oil Contril Fixing Spray

For someone who struggles with oily skin the most frustrating part of applying makeup is for it to become a shiny mess by midday. I always apply a primer before I apply my foundation and set it with a powder but still that isn’t enough to keep my excessive oily skin at bay.

The makeup market is full of setting sprays which can range from anywhere between a bargain of £5 and an eye watering £40 and for someone who goes through setting sprays like there’s no tomorrow I need to stick to budget brands which most often than not come from the drugstore.

Makeup Revolution is my go to brand when I want to reign in my spending but still want a product that is going to impress and do what it says on the tin (in this case on the bottle). The Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray (£5.00) is designed to help control oil by leaving your skin matte for longer. The product is extremely lightweight, a couple of sprays at arm’s length disperses the product perfectly covering all areas (just remember to keep your eyes closed).

Makeup Revolution Oil Contril Fixing Spray

The product does feel slightly wet when first applied, but after 20 seconds it dries instantly I’ve been using this product for just over a month and I love it! I can go up to 10 hours with my makeup still looking pretty matte the only area that still gets slightly shiny is my nose and forehead but if I was to reapply the spray it would create a matte finish without caking.

The 100ml bottle is great to keep in your bag to top up as required or for taking away with you whilst on holiday where the weather is almost guaranteed to be warmer and a lot more humid than the UK. I think Makeup Revolution have impressed once again and for a fabulous fiver this product is definitely worth purchasing if you struggle to keep shine at bay or you want to maintain that ‘just applied’ look for the entire day.

Do you struggle with oily skin? Do you use a setting spray? Which is your favourite brand?



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