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3D Baby Casting | My Experience

Even before I got pregnant I used to see parents getting their babies hands/feet castes in 3D and they looked amazing. So when I had very own bundle of joy it’s something I definitely wanted, it’s a memory that I can treasure for a lifetime.

I’m a sucker for personalised items especially ones that are so unique as 3D Baby Casting. As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed at stupid o’clock in the morning (as you do when you have to wake up for multiple feeds) I came across Shabana’s page and instantly messaged her (at 3am) to get booked in.

Monday 13th February was casting day and I was super excited, we went over to Shabana’s beautiful home. She was extremely organised and had everything set up to make the process go as smoothly as possible. My daughter was pretty good to be honest I thought she was going to scream the place down. I opted to get her right hand and left foot done, as Shabana suggested that opposites looked a lot better once complete.

It took 15 seconds for the plaster to set and voila we had her 3D mounds done. It only took 5-10minutes but I ended up having a good old chinwag and stayed at Shabanas for almost 2 hours!

She is such a lovely person and incredibly talented, I felt like I knew her forever. She went through all the colour options for the casts, the frames and the name plaques by showing me sample pieces. It’s always nice to see things in the flesh before making decisions. I never felt pressured to pick anything I didn’t want and she made sure I was completely happy with the choices before I left. Her service is amazing.

The wait of 4 weeks was well worth it, the casts have come out better than I expected. I’m totally in love with them. 3D Baby Casting makes an amazing gift too, so if you have friends or family who have had a baby and your struggling to think of present ideas I would recommend this option.

If you want more information on 3D Baby Casting you can contact Shabana via her Instagram or Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Shabana
N.B. Apologies it has taken me so long (3 months) to get this post published due to one thing or another, but I thought better late than never.

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