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A Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod Review

A Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod ReviewFor those of you who are parents you’ll know how sleep often become a thing of the past and instead you’re left with a hell of a lot of sleepless nights which can be incredibly draining and exhausting but yet (somehow) we still have to function and get through the day!

Before Leila was born we bought the Chicco Next2Me I heard a lot of mummy’s rave about the co-sleeper and how functional it was. Little did I know that my little one would hate it. I think the main reason she didn’t like sleeping in it was due to how big it was and as a tiny baby weighing only 6lbs 8oz she didn’t seem to feel snug and secure. I tried everything from rolling blankets to pad her out to putting a worn t-shirt so she’d associate my scent and be comforted but nothing worked. I began to really regret purchasing the Next2Me it just didn’t work for us as a stand alone co-sleeper.

This resulted in a lot of sleepless nights for the first 3 weeks and boy were we exhausted. My husband and I ended up sleeping with Leila on our chest (please don’t judge us) to get some sleep and also to ensure that she got some sleep too. But we couldn’t continue to do this so had to think of an alternative fast!

I remember seeing the PODDLE POD® stand at the baby show in Birmingham and at the time I couldn’t justify spending £49.99 on what just seemed to be a cushion. However, having encountered far too many sleepless nights already in the space of three weeks I needed to act fast and took the plunge in buying the Toddle Pod.

A Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod ReviewA Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod ReviewI opted for the Toddle Pod rather than the Poddle Pod in the Stardust, purely because I thought it would be a better investment in terms of longevity. Even though it’s marketed from 6-36 months it’s an ideal size for Leila and fits perfectly into the Chicco Next2Me. I think if I’d gone for the PODDLE POD® which is from 0-6 months it would have been far too small and she would have out grown it pretty quickly.

The company itself is based in Rugby (Warwickshire) and provide an excellent service in terms of both the buying and delivery process. In two working days the product arrived and as soon as it did I eagerly unwrapped it and put Leila down for a nap and guess what she slept for a mighty three hours, I was in awe!

The cushion has been designed to cocoon and snuggle the baby. It provides them with the feeling of security, warmth and closeness that ultimately we would bring to them. It is also a safe nap time nest which gives the added security of knowing that out little ones are safe and content. PODDLE POD® gives you the surety of knowing our little one is resting safely and contentedly.

A Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod ReviewA Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod ReviewThe Pods can be purchased with a variety of different covers which are removable and washable, you can also purchase additional covers which is great when one needs to go in the wash. It also comes a carry case which is ideal for transporting if you go away on holiday or if you’re visiting friends and family for the day.

I cannot recommend this product enough, I’ve been raving about it to family and friends since I got it. I genuinely think it’s one of the best inventions created for a good nights sleep, not only for baby but also for us as parents. It’s probably the best £49.99 I have spent! If you know someone who’s recently had a baby and you’re wondering what to buy them this would make an ideal gift.

A Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod Review

What are your secrets to getting a good nights sleep with a little one?


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