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Favourite Sensory Toys

If you’re a parent you’ll probably know just how important Sensory Play is for a child’s development. Naturally from birth children have learnt about the world by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing. Sensory Play contributes in crucial way to brain development, I like to think of it as ‘brain food’ as it stimulates the senses and sends signals to the brain in order to help strengthen neural pathways which in essence are important for all types of learning. Today’s post is one where I’ll be sharing some of my little ones favourite sensory toys.

Reading aloud is known to help children build vocabulary and communication skills and is believed to be a huge predictor of how well a child will do academically later in life. From birth I have created a routine where I read to my daughter at least twice a day. I bought a small selection of books with high contrast colours and textures to help keep her engaged and stimulated., She loves the different texture experiences and has now begun to grab hold of the book and either tries to yank the page or manoeuvre the book towards her mouth. Her favourites at the moment are Dear Zoo, Usborne Lift The Flap Playbook and Never Touch a Monster (all books were purchased from Sainsbury’s).

Soft Toys
One of the very first soft toys I purchased was the Lamaze Baby’s First Doll Maisie (£13.99) she’s a soft and cuddly doll with many different fabrics and textures for young babies to explore. She has a detachable crinkle bib, squishy bean feet, a velcro nappy and a squeaky tummy so there’s lots to play with.

Then we have the Bright Starts Little Taggies (£9.99) which is a small blanket edged with colourful silky and rubber tags. This is a great addition to explore different fabrics and doubles up perfectly when your little one is teething. She likes to chew on the rubber tags they must help to soothe her poor gums.

Noisy Toys
The Baby Rainmaker (£6.00) helps to stimulate senses and develop hand to eye co-ordination. It is full of multi-coloured beads that cascade down inside the clear tube, sounding just like rain. There’s something quite soothing about this toy and it’s fun to watch how intrigued she gets with the noise. Once she can hold this toy with ease I’m sure she’ll be continuously shaking it.

The Playgro Bendy Ball (£7.99) is an all in one toy with bright colours, textured soft and easy to hold bendy bits which is cased around a ball rattle to help stimulate auditory development. This would be a great toy to encourage babies to crawl as it can be rolled along and followed.

Flashing Bobble Ball
This multi-coloured Bobble Ball (£4.99) is covered in spikes and when dropped it triggers an internal flashing mechanism that makes the ball light up and pulse. This ball is more effective when played with in the dark it’s visually stimulating as well as textured to help enhance the touch experience.

So there you have it some of Leila’s favourite sensory toys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got a few ideas on how to really stimulate those senses and keep your little ones engaged through play.

Which sensory toys do your little ones love?
Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.


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