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Three Months Post-Partum | Update

I thought it was about time I did an update on my new role as a mummy! I had every intention to do a Post-Partum update every month but that may have been an overly ambitious task. Now that I’ve been a mummy for three months I feel a little more confident in talking about my experiences of motherhood.

Baby Update
Firstly, I can’t believe my little human is three months old, where has the time gone? Being a mummy is definitely an amazing role but also extremely exhausting but I wouldn’t change it for the world. She’s turned into a little madam and definitely knows how to get her way with mummy and developed an amazing personality already. When I look back at the very first photo of her I can’t quite believe how much she’s changed and grown, she’s a chunky monkey for sure!

I opted to breastfeed Leila from the get go and although it’s incredibly rewarding and I love the bonding time with her I have found the journey incredible difficult. The reason being is in the beginning she was wanting to constantly feed and never seemed to be full or satisfied. As the months have gone on she can now go roughly an hour to hour and a half between feeds. I also try and express which allows me to have a little break as and when I need it.

I did try and introduce a dummy as she used to go through phases of constantly winging and crying and I thought it would comfort her. Turns out she hated the dummy but I was quite persistent with it she now takes it when she’s tired, ready for bed or whilst we are out and about and she gets a bit cranky.

Her day starts anywhere from 7:30am-9am it just depends on how much she’s slept through the night. Once she has had her morning bath she usually falls asleep for 3hrs but this is the only nap she will have all day so you can imagine just how exhausted I get.

Her bedtime is usually 9pm but since she was born she hasn’t been a great sleeper especially through the night, she can go from getting up three to six times. Most of her waking habits are for comfort but it sometimes takes her over an hour to settle back down and fall asleep again. I’m hoping as the months go by she will start to sleep for a little longer, one can only hope!

Leila is a little fidget pants and can’t be still anymore although she constantly wants mummy’s attention which I love to give her but it means I can’t leave her sight for longer than a few minutes. She’s always been an incredibly needy baby and loves the comfort of my arms. This is all well and good but becomes increasingly hard to get anything done throughout the day. I’ve been advised by my mummy friends to invest in a carrier which is on order so let’s hope and pray that it helps!

Her personality is really shining through and she loves to babble, laugh and smile. She’s incredibly responsive and alert and has been from quite early on. We read lots of books throughout the day and sing nursery rhymes which I’m getting quite good at. I tend to go for books with high-contrast patterns and pictures as those are easier for her to see. I try to entertain her under her play mat as much as possible to prevent her being in my arms but she’s still warming to this concept.

She’s also started to put her toys in her mouth when she’s got hold of them for long enough, the drooling has also got a lot more intense this may be the onset of teething (yay!) which means the nights are going to get even harder. She is also intrigued by mirrors so we have a little play in front of them where I point at her facial features and she loves it.

I will be enrolling her onto some classes (Baby Sensory, Baby Massage & Swimming) in the New Year which will allow her to interact with other babies and improve her social and physical skills. It will also allow me to make some mummy friends which I’m looking forward to.

Mummy Update
I still don’t feel like I’ve fully recovered from the birth, having had a third degree cut I still get random twinges and discomfort more so internally than externally, I put this down to not resting enough after birth. I didn’t put on much weight during pregnancy so I’ve pretty much gone back to a Size 8 I think the breastfeeding has helped to shift what weight I did put on.

I won’t lie, I have struggled to get to grips with the fact that my house is a constant mess. I’ve always loved everything to be prim and proper and love a clean house, in fact I find cleaning super therapeutic (OCD springs to mind) that has all gone out of the window since Leila’s arrival. As soon as she is down for a nap that’s my time to whizz around like a mad woman and get all the chores done.

Drinking hot cups of tea is a thing of the past and sleep is pretty much non-existent. It’s pretty crazy how much life changes when a little one enters the world. I can’t wait to see her develop further in the next few months, I’ll do my best to keep you all updated.

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