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Universe of Imagination 5 Way Activity Cube | Review

I absolutely love wooden toys and tend to purchase them more than I do plastic ones, they’re aesthetically and visually a lot more pleasing. I know they can look a bit worn in time but I think that’s the beauty of toys made from natural materials. Leila is incredibly spoilt and tends to get a fair few gifts throughout the year. My amazing bestie (who spoils her far too often) bought her the Universe of Imagination 5 Way Activity Cube (£24.99) and she absolutely loves it so I thought why not give it a little review. Toys like this are perfect for enhancing and engaging little ones and helping to develop their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and basic counting and matching skills. The wooden activity cube has five fun sides which keeps her engaged and entertained;  there’s a shape sorter, gear cogs, a clock, a tracking maze and a bead maze.

I love how the cube includes a range of activities on a single cube and with no lose parts, tidying up is a breeze! The bead maze on top also flips over and stores neatly inside the cube. With adorable animals and bright coloured graphics the Universe of Imagination 5 Way Activity Cube makes early learning come alive.

Although the recommended age group is 18 months+ I would encourage parents to purchase activity cubes pretty much as soon as your child is able to sit without support. As long as you supervise their play it is quite safe and allows for early exploration and enhancement of the essential developmental skills. A toy like this also makes a fab gift, it is a little on the pricier side but then again wooden toys don’t come cheap.

Leila has learnt so much from this activity cube and it’s so nice to see her enjoy it so much, even when we’ve had play dates most of her little buddies are drawn to this cube! We’re still working on those sharing skills (*sigh). Also apologies for the post being so photo heavy but I wanted to show the cube in all its glory!

What toys do your little ones love to play with?



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