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Wish List #4 | Happy Jackson Baby Range

It probably comes as no surprise that I have become somewhat addicted to browsing the internet in between my little one waking up for feeds at stupid o’clock. I was on the hunt for a comfier travel changing mat which is when I came across the Happy Jackson baby range.

I’ve seen the range in quite a few stores but never really bothered to take an interest until I saw the baby range and I instantly fell in love with pretty much everything! Happy Jackson is all about ‘the bright colours, bold patters and playful words’ they’re all about ‘brining a little bit more awesome in everyday life!’

And I couldn’t agree more so I thought I’d do a Wish List rather than go on a crazy shopping spree and buy bits that I don’t really need but just want because the range is so unique.

1. Changing Mat  (£12.99) – This is probably the funkiest changing mat I’ve come across. I did get a free one with my changing bag but it’s so thin that I often feel it must be so uncomfortable for her to lie on. Also this one comes with a little pouch attached where you can keep the changing essentials. This is the one item from the wish list which I couldn’t resist buying and I love it.

2. Great Big Bag  (£4.99) – It’s unbelievable how much stuff you need to take for a short trip somewhere when you have a baby. I thought this shopping bag was pretty cool to put all the added essentials that don’t fit into the changing bag.

3. Hello Toys Bag  (£4.99) – Leila is accumulating quite a lot of toys and they’re currently being stored in a reusable shopping bag. I’ve been meaning to buy her a toy box but haven’t found one that I really like so I thought in the meantime this would be cuter than the shopping bag which is sat in the living room.

4. Dribble Bibs  (£9.95) – The onset of teething has officially kicked in and the amount of drool produced by such a little person is unreal so I always make her wear a bib.

5. Feeding Bibs  (£12.95) – Although Leila hasn’t started weaning yet I thought these bibs would be great for covering most of her front and the sayings on them are fab!

6. Cutlery Set  (£12.95) – It’s probably going to be a long while off before she can start using cutlery but I think this is most definitely something I will buy her when the time comes.

7. Snack Pots  (£6.99) – These pots would be great to take out and about with little snacks in

8. Muslin Cloths (£14.95)  – These are probably the coolest muslins I’ve seen at the moment I have very standard ones but these would be great to have when you’re out and want a cloth which is a little more cuter

9. Pram Blanket  (£22.95) – I’ve become quite obsessed with buying pram blankets (strange I know) especially cute and unique ones they just look so much better than a bog standard one.

So there you have it my Happy Jackson Baby Wish List, I know some of the items are way over priced for what they are but it’s fair to say they’re so unique and the sayings on the products are just great. These are items that would make perfect gifts too and if you’re anything like me and like your little ones to have things which you most likely wouldn’t see on other kids then I think this range gives you just that.

What are your thoughts on the Happy Jackson baby range?

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