Three Months Post-Partum | Update

I thought it was about time I did an update on my new role as a mummy! I had every intention to do a Post-Partum update every month but that may have been an overly ambitious task. Now that I’ve been a mummy for three months I feel a little more confident in talking about my experiences of motherhood. (more…)

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Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman | Introductory Review

Seven Seas Perfect7 WomanIf you follow me on social media you’ll know that I gave birth three months ago and now more than ever I realise how important it is to look after my body both inside and out. As much as I try and maintain a healthy balanced diet I don’t necessarily get all the nutrients I need. Becoming a mummy also means I tend to struggle to do any exercise, not sure if the occasional walks with the little one count. (more…)

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Baby Girl Clothing Haul | Monsoon

Baby Girl Haul MonsoonThere’s something so exciting about buying baby clothes especially when they’re so adorable and have pretty patterns. As most of you probably know I work for Accessorize and with Monsoon being part of the same company I went a little crazy on Leila’s new 3-6 month wardrobe and thought I would share what I bought. I have tried to link as many items as I can but not everything I bought is available on the website. (more…)

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A Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod Review

A Better Nights Sleep | Toddle Pod ReviewFor those of you who are parents you’ll know how sleep often become a thing of the past and instead you’re left with a hell of a lot of sleepless nights which can be incredibly draining and exhausting but yet (somehow) we still have to function and get through the day! (more…)

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