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Soap and Glory | Winter Skincare Saviours

GlitZeeGlam | Soap and Glory | Winter Skincare SavioursNow that we’ve approached winter and arctic conditions in the UK my skin definitely needs a little more TLC so I thought I would share my staple Soap and Glory products that are getting me through the bitterly cold mornings/evenings.Any one that knows me will tell you how much I hate the cold to the point where sometimes I get rather emotional because I can’t get warm but living in the UK I have to fight through and just pray that spring/summer comes round quicker than expected.

I’ll go in order of the way I use these product as it seems the most logical way so first up is the The Scrub of Your Life™ (£7) which I got in a box set and have never looked back, I’ve re-purchased this countless times. I love a good body scrub especially ones that smells this amazing. I use this twice a week religiously; it has a thick consistency which turns into a foamy luxurious texture to banish all those dry areas. It helps to restore the moisture back into the skin, the worse thing for me is having scaly flaky skin and this product definitely eliminates that problem!

Next up is the Daily Smooth Body Butter™ (£9) which has a really thick consistency but when rubbed into the skin it soon disperses without leaving a wet sticky feel. Your skin will love you for using this product which is probably why mine soaks it in so quickly, the scent of this is the same as the Mist You Madly Body Spray™ which is by far my favourite scent from Soap and Glory. I use this in the mornings straight after I’ve showered and apply it to my entire body (yes every inch) come the evening you will still be smelling of this stuff.

Finally I use the Mist You Madly Body Spray™ (£6.50) to spritz over my arms, neck area and legs for added moisture. The floral scent works perfectly with the above two products and combined they smell incredible and linger throughout the day. I also keep the miniature bottle in my handbag for an added spritz through the day this scent really gives me a boost especially on the days when I feel so rubbish it must be the flirty floral fragrance that uplifts my mood.

I have to say that Soap and Glory have really cracked it with their brand by offering girly and pretty packaging along with products that actually work wonders. It’s by far one of my favourite drugstore skincare brands, there’s a lot more than just pretty packaging!

What are your winter skincare saviours?
What are your favourite Soap and Glory products?GlitZeeGlam

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