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Soap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™

The one thing I look forward to each December is the Soap & Glory gift set, I’ve been lucky enough to purchase one for the last three years. However, this year I nearly missed out! I was browsing the Boots website and on their homepage was an advert showing that the gift set was reduced to £27 (RRP £60), I clicked the link in the hope that they would have some left but I was too late (sob).

Luckily my gorgeous best friend tracked a few down in her local Boots store and managed to pick not one but two up for me (she knows how obsessed I am with S&G). When she called me to say she got them I was super excited, I owe her big time!

Soap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™

Soap & Glory always do amazing gift sets, their packaging is so adorable and the bags the products come in are perfect for storing products in or for travelling with.  This set features the exclusive Jonathan Saunders (Scottish fashion designer, known for his work with prints and use of traditional silk screening techniques) print bag, which is beautiful!  The smell of the products is divine, I use a lot of Soap & Glory products on a daily basis so for me this set is a real bargain. It includes nine full size products which purchased individually would cost £73.   

Hand Food Hand Cream™ (£5) smells just like marshmallows and soaks into the skin super quickly without leaving your hands greasy. I have a tendency to wash my hands a lot and as a result they become dry so this hand cream keeps them moisturised and silky soft. I have used this hand cream for over two years and even carry the miniature one in my handbag. Soap & Glory’s bestselling hand cream – now available in a pump!

Heel Genius™  (£5.50) from time to time we probably all suffer from dry heels with the amount of walking and standing we do on a daily basis. It’s easy to neglect our feet but if you include this product in your everyday moisturising routine you won’t regret it. Be generous with the product to ensure your feet are being nourished. You’re supposed to use the product at night and then pop over some socks to keep your feet moist. I tend to use this cream in the mornings as I’m not a fan of sleeping in socks but I find my morning method works just as well.

Sugar Crush Body Wash™  (£6.50) is a new product in my Soap and Glory collection. I always use Clean on Me™ and have become so used to the smell that I find the Sugar Crush Body Wash™ really sweet and strong. I don’t think I could use this body wash on a daily basis so I only tend to use it once a week.

Soap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™ | Sugar Crush™ Body Wash

The Scrub of Your Life™  (£7) is great for those people who love to exfoliate their bodies (I’m one of them). I exfoliate at least twice a week, this scrub has a thick and foamy consistency it smells so fresh and the smell lingers on your body throughout the day. It works wonder for the areas that are prone to get dry e.g. elbows, knees, hands etc a real winner for me!

Soap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™ | The Scrub of Your Life™

Butter Yourself™ Body Cream (£10.50) is also a new product for it contains a fruity blend of orange oil, green fig and jungle pomelo essence. It also has an exfoliating properties added which helps to banish dry skin and encourage skin cell renewal. This is great to use after showering or bathing, it will leave your skin feeling extremely moisturised and smelling amazing.  I have been alternating between this and The Righteous Butter™ which will always be my favourite body cream without a doubt.

Peaches and Clean™ (£8) is great if you get lazy with removing your make-up at the end of the day or if you’re one of those people who are so knackered at the end of the day that you end up sleeping in your make-up!  It is a 3 in 1 facial cleanser which has a thick milk/creamy consistency. As expected it smells super fresh and peachy. I like this cleanser for removing and melting away my make-up but I haven’t seen it make any changes to my T-Zone.

Soap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™ | Peaches and Clean™

The Righteous Butter™ Body Butter (£10.50) is a moisturiser that I have repurchased multiple times. I definitely use too much of it but I can’t help it. The smell is so enticing and lasts all day. It keeps my skin moisturised and really smooth. You can now purchase this body butter in a whopping 1L tub for £25.

Soap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™ | The Righteous Body Butter™

Thick & Fast Mascara™  (£10) is by far one of the best mascaras I have used. So to receive this in the set is super pleasing for me. I use this every day to give my lashes a volume and to make them appear fuller and longer. The wand is a good size and allows you to build up the product as desired.

Soap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™ | Thick & Fast™ Mascara

Sexy Mother Pucker™ XL  (£10) is the only product in the set that I’m not overly excited about. I’m not a fan of lip glosses I don’t like the consistency of them and they often make my lips really chapped. If you like having plumped lips then you’ll like this, when applied it makes your lips super tingly I guess this is telling you that the product is working in making your lips plumped. The colour included is Pink Out Loud and smells like strawberry ice-cream.

A sample of Make Yourself Youthful™ a ‘super serum’ is also included in this set along with a £5 off coupon for future skincare purchases.

Soap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™ | Make Yourself Youthful™ Super SerumSoap & Glory | The Yule Monty Gift Set™ | Make Yourself Youthful™ Super Serum

If you were quick enough to purchase one of these set or were lucky enough to receive it as a gift then I’m sure you will understand my excitement. For those of you who desperately wanted one but missed out then don’t be too disheartened as Soap & Glory are known for their wonderful pretty gift sets so maybe this year you can be quick enough to grab one.  

Remember you can also purchase the above products individually at your local Boots store or on the Boots website. If you’re new to Soap and Glory I would definitely give the products a go, but be warned they are addictive and you’ll want to try and purchase them all.

Which Soap & Glory product do you love? Which ones would you like to try?


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