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Guest Post | Leigh’s Top 5 Base Products

Guest Post  Leigh's Top 5 Base ProductsHiya! My name is Leigh from MomentsLikeThis it is such a pleasure to be featuring on such an amazing blog today. I have admired reading Zee’s blog for quite some while now as well as adorning over her amazing instagram feed! I am such a beauty fanatic it is unreal. For our collaboration I thought I would write a post on my top 5 base products which I have recently been loving to use in my day to day makeup look. (more…)

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Wish List #1 | My Birthday – 31st December

Wish List #1 | My Birthday – 31st DecemberIt’s coming up to that time of year again where sadly I’m going to become a year older (#sadtimes) and people begin to ask the dreaded question ‘so what would you like for your birthday?’ I usually have a mental wish list which I reel off but this time I thought I’d create a visual list that I could share with you all.


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Collective Haul | #1

This is  a relatively small collective haul of the things I’ve been buying over the last few weeks/month. I love to shop, I mean who doesn’t? Recently I haven’t been making any massive splurges and I didn’t pick up much during the Christmas sale period so I guess that is my justification for why I have gone on a mini spree. (more…)

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