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Realities of a Single Parent | My Top Tips for Travelling with a Toddler

Since uploading my last post on ‘Our First Holiday to Turkey‘ I’ve had a fair few people message me asking if I can do a ‘Travel Tips’ post when travelling with a Toddler. Clearly I’m no expert on this topic area but I’ll share what worked for us whilst travelling to Turkey. I think one of the main reasons I put off travelling with Leila sooner was due to the nightmare stories I either heard or read about.

I also kept telling myself she was too young to go abroad and it might be best to wait until she’s older. But I took the plunge and realised with careful planning and preparation most dilemmas could be avoided and in turn it should be a fun and exciting experience. To make the idea a little less daunting, I’ve compiled a list of top tips for travelling with a toddler.  (more…)

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